Roman Pottery from York


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J. Monaghan
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D. M. Bailey
B. M. Dickinson
K. F. Hartley
R. Pryor
D. F. Williams
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The Archaeology of York [Series]
The Pottery [Volume]
Council for British Archaeology for York Archaeological Trust
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Digitally available on 18 August 2023
This volume draws together evidence for the production and use of Roman ceramics in York from c. AD 71 through to the 5th century. It summarises key ceramic information relating to 260 sites excavated since the 19th century and presents a detailed concordance of sites, enabling city-wide patterns of both ceramic use and structural development to be recognised. The main structure of the work is based around the definition of 'ceramic periods', an independent dating tool which enables a history of Roman York to be written entirely from a ceramic viewpoint. Quantification by sherd count is offered for 160 sites, whilst seventeen larger sites are fully quantified by EVE, weight and sherd count.

The Roman pottery of York was dominated by oxidised Ebor ware from the late 1st to early 3rd century. This is shown to have had military origins and three distinct phases of production. When a civilian town began to blossom in the mid 2nd century, the diversity of pottery sources increased to a peak around the year 200. The distribution of both domestic and funerary pottery is used to demonstrate the expansion of the town and its population. Ceramics show that York thrived during the 3rd century, avoiding the malaise of towns in southern Britain. They also demonstrate that, for the main part, the city stands alone, little affected by the neighbouring region. Contraction of troop strengths, then of the urban population, is found in the 4th century, with islands of 5th century occupation being identified around 'suburban villas' and in the western corner of the fortress.

Thirty-eight plates and drawings of over 600 pots are used to supplement those already published in AY 16/2, 16/4 and 16/7. Published vessels from York are arranged into a typology and fabric series to aid future excavation, and research. Each individual traded ware is discussed, together with its dating span as seen in York and its distribution within the city. Selected topics are investigated in greater deapth, including the relationship between Crambeck and calcite-gritted ware and that between head pots and Romano-Saxon ware. Specialist reports cover amphorae, lamps, mortaria and the unusually rich variety of samian found in York.
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York Archaeological Trust
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A0001 31-7 Gillygate (GA)
A0002 Museum Street/Lendal
A0003 Railway Station (RS)
A0004 St Maurice's/Newbiggin (SM/NB)
A0005 6-28/21-7 Union Terrace (UT)
A0006 Skeldergate, Pawson's Warehouse (SK)
A0007 Church Street, site of Talbot Hotel
A0008 Lloyds Bank, 6-8 Pavement (LB)
A0009 4-5 Church Street (CS) (Roman Sewer)
A0010 Leadmill Lane
A0014 Friends' Burial Ground, Bishophill
A0015 St Peter's School, Avenue Terrace
A0016 Walmgate/Willow Street
A0019 Peasholme Green
A0020 Paragon Street, Barbican Baths (Cattle Market)
A0021 The Bedern, South-west
A0022 58-59 Skeldergate (Bishophill I)
A0023 37 Bishophill Senior (Bishophill II)
A0029 Cromwell Road
A0030 Skeldergate
A0041 Fulford Field II (Outer Ring Road)
A0043 17-21 Davygate (W P Brown)
A0012 Museum Street/Lendal (Interval Tower SW5)
A0013 21-33 Aldwark (St Helen's) (Ebor Brewery)
A0046 Lloyds Bank, 10-12 Lendal (Lloyds Lendal)
A0047 5-7 Coppergate (Hardings/Habitat)
A0049 St Thomas's Hospital, Micklegate
A0050 34 Shambles
A0052 39-41 Coney Street (W.H. Smith)
A0056 Stonegate
A0057 St Mary Castlegate
A0062 9 Blake Street (City Garage)
A0064 Gillygate
A0065 Bootham
A0067 Grimston Interchange
A0083 Clementhorpe (Roman house/Nunnery)
A0084 16-22 Coppergate
A0085 Parliament Street Sewer
A0086 The Bedern, north-east
A0087 Aldwark, adjacent to 1-5
A0088 All Saints, Pavement
A0091 Treasurer's House
A0106 8 High Ousegate (Peter Lane)
A0119 Peasholme Green borehole
A0132 27-31 St Andrewgate
A0169 Bedern Chapel
A0201 5, 6, 7 Parliament Street
A0204 1-2 Tower Street (Castle Garage)
A0205 Jewbury
A0206 5 Rougier Street
A0207 Trinity Lane Car Park
A0209 City Walls, Tower 11
A0248 County Hospital/Fossbank
A0251 County Hospital, Monkgate
A0208 Coppergate/Piccadilly/Castlegate, watching brief
A0271 36 Aldwark (Police Garage)
A0272 Skeldergate, City Mills
A0279 General Accident, 24-30 Tanner Row
A0284 51 Heworth Green
A0285 25 St Saviourgate
A0287 Judge's Lodging, Lendal
A0290 Garden Street/St John Street car park
A0319 Museum Gardens (medieval sewer)
A0324 28 Castlegate
A0326 15 Bishophill Senior
A0327 City Walls, Tower 8
A0353 Museum Gardens (sewer trench)
A0355 17/18 High Ousegate & 19 Coppergate
A0318 5/7/9 Aldwark
A0356 Museum Gardens (IBM)
A0322 46-54 Fishergate (Redfearn National Glass)
A0359 Museum Gardens (Flood Defences)
A0363 City Walls, Tower 13 (Toft's Tower)
A0365 1- 9 Bridge Street
A0368 City Walls, Walmgate Bar
A0442 Terry Avenue
A0445 Assembly Rooms, Blake Street
A0450 Haymarket Car Park, Peasholme Green
A0453 City Walls, Tower 28 (Lord Mayor's Walk)
A0455 Museum Gardens, Tempest Anderson Hall
A0370 Purey Cust Nuffield Hospital
A0491 Monkgate/St Maurice's Road
A0501 16 Parliament Street
A0503 Mount School, Driffield Terrace
A0509 22 Piccadilly (ABC Cinema)
A0511 Museum Gardens Access Road
A0512 Wellington Row
A0515 Barbican Leisure Centre
A0517 21-23 Bootham
A0519 76/82 Walmgate
A0539 Trafalgar Bay PH, Nunnery Lane
A0546 St Helen's Square
A0552 1-9 Micklegate [Queens Hotel]
A0606 Albion Wharf, 23-28 Skeldergate
A0608 Rolyat Works, Cromwell Road
A0612 Crown Court, York Castle
A0613 Foss Islands Road / Lawrence Street
A0544 Cherry Hill Lane/Clementhorpe
A0620 Escrick Street
A0623 Museum Gardens tree planting (Shd Mon)
A0624 35-41 Blossom Street
A0625 Dundas Street, NEEB HQ
A0628 Stonebow to Davygate Telecom trench (Non O N)
A0629 12-18 Swinegate
A0629 12-18 Swinegate
A0665 Site adjacent to Layerthorpe Postern, Peasholme Green
A0666 5-13 Clifford Street
A0671 23 Clifford Street
A0675 St Wilfrid's RC School, Monkgate
A0676 Adams Hydraulics, Peasholme Green
A0679 Bishophill Senior Car Park
A0680 St Georges Field Car Park
A0685 20-24 Swinegate
A0686 41-49 Walmgate & George Street
A0725 89 The Mount
A0726 Ideal Laundry, Trinity Lane
A0732 14-20 Blossom Street
A0734 14 Skeldergate
A0735 Barbican cycle path, Kent Street
A0742 47 Blossom Street
A0784 45-57 Gillygate
A0785 City Walls, Tower 9
A0786 50 Piccadilly
A0787 26-28 Marygate
A0788 2 St Maurice's Road
A0794 41 Piccadilly
A0776 Rawcliffe Manor site, Manor Lane, York
A0833 Flood Alleviation Pumping Station, North Street, York
A0846 All Saints School, Nunnery Lane
New Station (1873)
Heworth Green (1878)
Burton Stone Lane (pre-1900)
Fishergate (pre-1900)
The Mount (The Rowans) (1900)
Walmgate/Fossgate (pre-1914)
35-41 Blossom Street (Lion and Lamb) (1920)
Coney Street (Penny Bank) (1922)
Fortress defences (Miller), close to E corner tower (1925)
Fortress defences (Miller), Hawarden Place (1925)
Fortress defences (Miller), E corner tower (1925)
Fortress defences (Miller), Interval Tower NE6 (1926)
Fortress defences (Miller), Dean's Park (1926)
Fortress defences (Miller), Multangular Tower (1926)
Heworth (1926)
Exhibition Buildings, Exhibition Square (1930)
Church Street Roman baths (1933)
Old Nunthorpe (1934)
Air Raid Control Shelter, Old Station (1939)
Fishergate (1939)
Huntington Road (Hall's Leather) (1947)
The Rise (St Peter's School) (1947)
The Avenue, Clifton (1947)
Railway Station (1948)
78 Micklegate (1948)
Hungate/Garden Place (1950)
Trentholme Drive (1951)
St Mary's Abbey, Museum Gardens (1952)
18-20 Blossom Street (Forsselius Garage) (1953)
Toft Green (1954)
South corner tower, Feasegate (1956)
8 Coney Street, formerly 50-1 (Dorothy Perkins) (1956)
6-14 Davygate (Prudential) (1956)
65 Low Petergate (Fox Inn), now 66 Low Petergate (1957)
Interval Tower SW6 (1957)
Davy Hall (1958)
Stonegate (1958)
Spurriergate (1959)
Apple Tree Farm, Bad Bargain Lane (1959)
Holgate Road (Railway Offices) (1959)
Lendal ditch (1960)
Priory Street (1961)
St Mary Bishophill Junior (1961)
Bishophill Junior (1961)
St Mary Bishophill Senior (1962)
The Mount (Lister and Edmonds) (1963)
St William's College, Ogleforth (1964)
52 Bootham (1964)
2 St Helen's Square (Barclay's Bank) (1965)
Blossom Street (Bar Convent) (1965)
Monkgate (School Clinic) (1968)
Ogleforth (1968)
Baile Hill (1969)
Anglian Tower (1969)
Nunnery Lane (1969)
Nunnery Lane (tile burial) (1970)
NW defences (Radley) (1970)
NW defences (Davison) (1970)
Borthwick Institute, Peasholme Green (1970)
27 Tanner Row (1971)
Interval Tower NE6 (1971)
4-5 Church Street (Minster Excavation Group) (1972)
York Minster (Minster Excavation Group) (1973)
South corner tower, Feasegate (1973)
Apple Tree Farm (1974)
Apple Tree Farm Kilns (1988)
Hob Moor railway sidings (1988)

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