A0676 Adams Hydraulics, Peasholme Green


A0676 Adams Hydraulics, Peasholme Green
Alternative Title
1990.13 Adams Hydraulics, Peasholme Green
1991.13 Adams Hydraulics, Peasholme Green
There is a possibility of pre-historic occupation on the site. This is suggested by a deposit containing charcoal and burnt clay indicative of occupation immediately above natural deposits and below dated Roman features. Worked flint was discovered redeposited in Roman and later deposits from all three phases of work.

Extensive Roman deposits were encountered, including a well made cobble surface and evidence of pottery manufacture nearby, suggesting that the site is likely to contain a well preserved part of the industrial suburb supplying the legionary fortress.

Some indication of Anglo-Scandinavian occupation in the vicinity was provided by the location of a cess pit of this date. Excavations showed that the surface of the natural deposits differed greatly from those at the street frontage of Peasholme Green and the south-eastern part of the site near to the River Foss. The natural topography showed the naturally low lying nature of the area, approximately three-quarters of which was later occupied by the King's Fishpool. 14th-15th century buildings fronting the street and a contemporary cobble surface demonstrated the survival of medieval deposits at the street front. Wicker structures of this date were found close to the present day River Foss.

The King's Fishpool appears to have been backfilled in the post-medieval period and the area used for agricultural purposes. No structures of this date were encountered, only a ditch and four pits. Dumping took place to the north-east of the site when the River Foss was canalised in the 18th century, and further dumping levelled the south eastern part of the site before industrial buildings were constructed on the site in the 19th and 20th centuries.
October 1990 – April 1991
York Archaeological Trust
N Oakey (excavator)
M Brann (excavator)
Rhona Finlayson (excavator)
Spatial Coverage
Peasholme Green, York

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