A0847 Land to the rear of St Andrewgate/Spen Lane


A0847 Land to the rear of St Andrewgate/Spen Lane
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1993.16 Land to the rear of St Andrewgate/Spen Lane
"A series of ten 2 x 2m trenches were excavated to sample the upper archaeological deposits in advance of a proposed housing development. Together with two cellar sections, these demonstrated the survival of well preserved late medieval deposits within 1m of the surface in the northern half of the site whilst to the south the contemporary ground surface dropped away, the level having been subsequently made up by post-medieval land fill.

Structural evidence was encountered on both the St Andrewgate and Spen Lane street fronts. In the latter the trench was extended to 5 x 5m to reveal the internal floors of a timber building of 15th century date constructed on padstones and sleeper walls.

The late medieval archaeology of the site is characteristic of the urban environment in York at that period. Buildings on the street frontages continued in use and underwent repeated modification into the post-medieval period, with backlands to the rear witnessing a variety of activities. A bronze-working hearth and small copper alloy objects including offcuts of wire, rod and strip and buckles indicate non-ferrous metal working. A group of sheep metapodials may indicate that tanning was carried out nearby."
2 November 1993 – 17 November 1993
York Archaeological Trust
Mark Whyman (excavator)
Spatial Coverage
St Andrewgate/Spen Lane, York

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