A0133 118-26 Walmgate


A0133 118-26 Walmgate
Alternative Title
1978.8 118-126 Walmgate
1979.8 118-126 Walmgate
Traces of a post-Roman/Anglian surface were found on this site. A wattle-lined well shaft which dated to the 9th-10th century together with other evidence of occupation suggest a domestic use of the area during this period.

Buildings dating to the 11th-12th century showed evidence of metalworking, The area appeared to be levelled in the later 12th century when domestic buildings were constructed, to be replaced in the 13th century with a timber-framed building resting on cobble and limestone sill walls. Internal divisions and alterations together with hearths and a salt box indicated the occupation of this building over a period of time, before it was replaced in the 15th century. A timber-framed building founded on pottery waste, fronting Walmgate, was extended in the 16th century, when a courtyard was also added.

Insubstantial additions were made to the building in the 17th century. Evidence of a hearth where ironworking had been carried out was found, and it appeared that the whole of the downstairs of the building was given over to industrial activity. In the area behind the property, in the 16th-17th century, there were numerous clay-lined pits which may have been used in the processing of sheep skins for parchment making.

The area was rebuilt in the 18th-19th century with Victorian terraced houses fronting the street, and gardens and out-houses to the rear.
1978 – 1978
York Archaeological Trust
David Brinklow (excavator)
Spatial Coverage
118-126 Walmgate, York

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