A0087 Aldwark, adjacent to 1-5


A0087 Aldwark, adjacent to 1-5
Alternative Title
1976.15 Adjacent to 1-5 Aldwark, York
1977.15 Adjacent to 1-5 Aldwark, York
The earliest traces of occupation on this site date to the 1st century AD and come from traces of timber buildings which were replaced with stone buildings in the 2nd century.

Later Roman occupation was not recorded on the site, and the next period of activity, following a clearance, occurred in the 11th century and was represented by three cobble spreads, cut by two slots, and by some pits. Roman defences were refurbished with the formation of a clay and brushwood bank which overlay the cobble spreads, and to the south of it a ditch of U-shaped profile, some 7m deep, contained material which dated it to the 12th-13th century. Buildings dating to the 14th century on the Aldwark street frontage with hearths and ovens were recorded. It appears that the defensive bank or rampart was heightened during this period. 14th-15th century buildings with backyards and a barrel-lined well, which was superseded by a square well in the 15th-16th century, continue the medieval tenement development in the area.

Post-medieval buildings indicate slightly less intensive occupation and so reusing of the medieval building materials.
February 1976 – March 1977
York Archaeological Trust
M Daniells (excavator)
H MacGregor (excavator)
Spatial Coverage
Adjacent to 1-5 Aldwark, York

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