A0062 9 Blake Street (City Garage)


A0062 9 Blake Street (City Garage)
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1975.6 9 Blake Street (City Garage)
Most medieval and some earlier deposits were removed mechanically. The sequence from 1st to 13th/14th century was investigated in the southern part of the site; a 1st-4th century sequence in the northern part. No evidence was found of any pre-Roman activity or occupation.

The earliest activity, soon after AD 71, comprised a heterogeneous collection of features including a ditch, scoops, cuts and various linear gullies which represent a phase of pre-construction activity. There follow two phases of timber building, dating to c.71/79-100 and c.100-160, with evidence of tile hearths and food preparation activity. These buildings were followed by stone founded buildings, c.160-400, which were interpreted as the ends of two barrack blocks, separated by a street which continued in use through the Roman period, from buildings on another ""insular"" which may have had a residential function. The principal structure consisted of a lower quality service range, a corridor and a better appointed large room, later sub-divided into four small compartments.

There was a major re-organisation when the main range and the areas flanking it were largely cleared of upstanding walls and sealed below dumps of clay by the early 4th century. Activity may have continued into the early 5th century. However, there is no clear evidence of Anglian or Anglo-Scandinavian activity until the robbing of the stone buildings which occurred in the 10th-11th century onwards. There is evidence for continuous activity throughout the medieval and post-medieval periods, but the site was apparently not used intensively, being occupied by the rear of properties fronting adjacent streets. A large and important assemblage of late 15th century glaziers' waste with contemporary pottery represents the most significant medieval activity on the site.
May 1975 – January 1976
York Archaeological Trust
Richard A Hall (excavator)
S Power (excavator)
David Evans (excavator)
Spatial Coverage
9 Blake Street, York

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