A0023 37 Bishophill Senior (Bishophill II)


A0023 37 Bishophill Senior (Bishophill II)
Alternative Title
1973.15 37 Bishophill Senior (Bishophill II)
A sequence of rectilinear ditch systems was located on the natural terrace and found to be of 2nd century date. 3rd century demolition deposits and a rubbish pit were identified. The robbed foundations of two ranges of buildings at right angles to each other were found. They had undergone several phases of internal development and a furnace and its flue were noted. The two ranges of buildings flanked a more massive structure. A hypocaust was found in the main apse.

This building appeared to have been robbed in the Anglo-Scandinavian period. Occupation deposits and rubbish pits of the Anglo-Scandinavian period were found to be superseded by further pit digging activity which continued through to the 14th century. Traces of buildings dating to the 12th and 14th century were also located. The foundations and cellars of Buckingham House built c.1660 were located. A 19th century instrument factory was built on the site.
1973 – 1973
York Archaeological Trust
Martin Carver (excavator)
A Sumpter (excavator)
Spatial Coverage
37 Bishophill Senior, York

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