A0022 58-59 Skeldergate (Bishophill I)


A0022 58-59 Skeldergate (Bishophill I)
Alternative Title
1973.14 58-59 Skeldergate (Bishophill I)
1974.14 58-59 Skeldergate (Bishophill I)
1975.14 58-59 Skeldergate (Bishophill I)
Late Roman buildings were located to the rear of the site, away from Skeldergate. A timber-framed well of Roman date was located. A riverside hard standing was sealed by silts which may date to the Anglian period.

A long narrow tenement plot alignment with a building to the rear of the plot was found to date to the Anglo-Scandinavian period. The tenement layout remained constant and continuously occupied throughout the medieval period when a stone and post-and-sill building was constructed and underwent various phases of development. Cess pits and other pits associated with domestic and commercial occupation were also encountered.
1973 – 1975
York Archaeological Trust
S Bishop (excavator)
M Foster (excavator)
Spatial Coverage
58-59 Skeldergate, York

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