A0013 21-33 Aldwark (St Helen's) (Ebor Brewery)


A0013 21-33 Aldwark (St Helen's) (Ebor Brewery)
Alternative Title
1973.5 21-33 Aldwark (St Helen's) (Ebor Brewery)
1974.5 21-33 Aldwark (St Helen's) (Ebor Brewery)
1975.5 21-33 Aldwark (St Helen's) (Ebor Brewery)
1976.5 21-33 Aldwark (St Helen's) (Ebor Brewery)
Roman occupation was found to date from the 2nd century onwards on this site. The earliest feature was a road aligned north-west/south-east with flanking ditches. Its make-up was probably derived from the Borthwick kilns 100m away. A new cobble road with roadside ditch was constructed in the late 2nd or 3rd century. A timber-framed town house with walls of painted plaster and a polychrome mosaic floor was erected at a road junction. Associated hearths and an oven were found. These date to the 4th century.

Several later pits were found to have cut through the mosaic floor.

The foundations of the parish church of St Helen-on-the-Walls were constructed on top of the Roman building. The earliest church, a small rectangular single-cell building was stone built with a mortar floor and overlay the mosaic floor of the 4th century Roman town house. This probably late 10th century church was later extended by the addition of a square chancel. A succession of earth and mortar floors accumulated within it during the 12th century. Further alterations were carried out.

In the late 14th or early 15th century the church was almost entirely rebuilt as a rectangular structure, slightly wider, but the same length as its predecessor. Further additions were made during the 16th century. The church went out of use c.1550 and was demolished shortly afterwards.

Burials inside the church and in the churchyard associated with the five phases of church development were excavated. Approximately two-thirds of the original churchyard was excavated and over 1000 individuals were recovered.
1973 – 1976
York Archaeological Trust
J Magilton (excavator)
J Dawes (excavator)
Richard Hall (excavator)
Martin Stockwell (excavator)
Spatial Coverage
21-33 Aldwark, York

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