Barley Hall


Barley Hall
A reconstructed medieval townhouse in the centre of York, Barley Hall was redeveloped by the Trust in the 1990s and opened as a museum furnished as it would have been in the 15th century.

The Trust acquired the building in Coffee Yard in 1987 with the intention of investigating and restoring the 14th-century monastic hospice and 15th-century hall into a museum. Work continued through the late 1980s and early 1990s restoring the original timber framework of the building where possible, and reconstructing other areas where no original aspects remained. The interior was furnished with replica objects specially commissioned for the project.

Barley Hall opened to the public in July 1993. Visitors were guided by audio tours with Robert Hardy and Dame Judi Dench playing the 15th-century residents of the house, Alderman and Lady Snawsell, and several re-enactment events helped to bring the medieval townhouse to life.

The Hall was open for a limited period each year from 1993 to 2006, during which time it hosted markets, re-enactments, and medieval musical evenings, under the management of the Barley Hall Trust. In 2007, the site was taken over by York Archaeological Trust and redeveloped to include new interpretation panels and an expanded education offer, with plans for in-house medieval exhibitions over the next few years. “Plague, Poverty, and Prayer” opened in January 2009 and marked the first of a continuing series of temporary exhibitions in the Hall.
July 1993 (opening)

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