A0279 General Accident, 24-30 Tanner Row


A0279 General Accident, 24-30 Tanner Row
Alternative Title
1983.32 General Accident, 24-30 Tanner Row
1984.32 General Accident, 24-30 Tanner Row
1983.32 24-30 Tanner Row
1984.32 24-30 Tanner Row
The earliest Roman feature, dating to c.125-150, was a drainage cut. Beside it was a turf and loam platform on which timber buildings were erected. One substantial building had front and rear walls of squared posts set in pits to which horizontal planks were nailed. Cross-walls were based on socketed sleeper-beams. Rectangular bases of millstone grit stood beside the walls, possibly having supported a floor.

Outside was a plank-lined drain, also a cobble surface was found immediately above natural clay. Above this were found organic silts; then a cambered cobble surface, perhaps a yard or a road. This was sealed by a deep build-up of organic material, including horse manure.

These deposits were superseded in the 2nd century by a stone building, set at right angles to the nearby Roman Street. The building was founded on clay and cobble footings above deep timber piles and may have been substantial enough to have served as a public building. In a parallel building a length of plaster wall and a bench were found.

The large late Roman colonia buildings were robbed in the 10th century. Contemporary occupation is indicated in the vicinity. Occupation resumed in the 12th century and a sequence of pits, and occupation deposits suggest intensive occupation through until the 15th century.
May 1983 – July 1984
York Archaeological Trust
N Pearson (excavator)
Jane McComish (Lilley) (excavator)
Spatial Coverage
24-30 Tanner Row, York
Monument Type
Monument Type - Natural
Monument Type - Building
Monument Type - Drain
Monument Type - Well
Monument Type - Road
Monument Type - Organic Build-Up
Monument Type - Occupation
Monument Type - Pit

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